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Boston Pride release new jersey set for next season

For the first time, the Pride will have a set of home AND road jerseys.

For the first time in franchise history the Pride will have two new jerseys for fans to admire. There will be a road and a home jersey.

The primary home jerseys will remain yellow but have removed some of the stylistic choices that left fans scratching their heads. The roads will return to a fan favorite color black. Unfortunately flag shoulder patches have not returned.

They have a solid yellow gold color, and have made the numbers solid which is a massive step forward. They have kept a circle logo and added some horizontal stripes.

I will say black jerseys are always preferred. These seem rather lack luster though. They went rather bland in the lettering choice for Boston on the front and then chose a gradient. While the colors mix well (Who can go wrong with black and gold?) gradients are very hard to make look good.

Fans can purchase the jerseys online with players name/numbers per usual. This year however, it would appear fans can customize jerseys with their names and numbers.