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Morning Skate: Retro boomin’

All kinds of Reverse Retro jerseys are coming out now!

Anaheim Ducks v Arizona Coyotes Photo by Norm Hall/NHLI via Getty Images

Let’s just call this Morning Skate JERSEY FRIDAY.

Earlier this week, we got a leak of the Bruins’ upcoming Reverse Retro jerseys. We’ve already seen a handful of these jerseys either leak or be unveiled by their teams, and the past few days have seen a whole bunch more.

If you’re a jersey fan, your wallet is likely in a bit of trouble.

First, we have the Ducks:

The font!!!! It rules.

In fact, the entire Pacific Division looks great:

I spy part of the Arizona Coyotes’ Kachina-era jersey in the top right! Yes please.

The Vegas Golden Knights have had great gear since entering the league, and it appears that trend is going to continue:

If you feel like watching some color-changing chaos, you can catch a preview glimpse of all of the upcoming jerseys here:

If nothing else, the league and Adidas appear to be willing to have fun with these. The rest of the reveals should be pretty interesting.

Today’s highlight

Our man Dave, great even before he was great. Don’t question it.

Today’s discussion topic

Any favorite Reverse Retros thus far?