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The 2021 Beanpot has been cancelled

There will be no beans in Boston this February. The historic tournament has been cancelled for the first time ever.

Mueller led the Northeastern Womens team to their 17th title last year to finish the Northeastern sweep.
Jim Pierce/ Northeastern Athletics

In an expected yet depressing turn of events, the February 2021 Beanpot was officially cancelled and the 2022 edition will be the 69th playing of the storied tournament.

The cancellation was essentially a forgone conclusion, one that was cemented by Harvard having its season cancelled last week.

While there was a precedent for replacing a team (BostonUniversity was unwilling to field a team in the ‘93 edition of the women’s tournament), it was never likely to happen.

TD Garden was the first outlet to make an announcement, one that was soon followed up with confirmation of the cancellation of the tournament by multiple sources.

Both the men’s and women’s tournaments will not be played.

Last year, Northeastern completed their fifth double title (1980, 1984, 1985, 1988 and 2020), a feat that has only been completed eight times overall (Boston College also did so in 2011, 2014 and 2016).

Both games saw Boston University tie Northeastern late only to see the Huskies score power play goals in the second overtime to seal the games.

Hopefully things are back to normal for the 2022 Beanpot.