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Movember: Let us discuss the best mustaches in Bruins history

It’s the off-season, don’t judge.

John Wensink Watches The Action Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

After some excellent discussion about which Bruin has the best nickname in the team's history, it's time to move on to a far more serious and important topic: facial hair!

And not just any facial hair either; the kind that separates the men from the boys...the mustache, A.K.A. the feather duster, the lip curtain, the caterpillar, the crumb catcher, or the personal favorite of underage teens: the fake ID.

(Look, it’s the offseason. Aside from the Reverse Retro jersey, there’s absolutely nothing going on. Let’s have some fun with it.)

Like nicknames, there have also been several classic 'staches throughout the years in Boston. But which one reigns supreme over the rest?

Let's take a look at the candidates:

Derek Sanderson

One of the most colorful characters in Bruins history, Derek Sanderson (also known as Turk) played for the Bruins in the glory days between 1966-1974.

Boston Briuns v New York Rangers Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

John Wensink

Seriously, how could you ever fight a guy with a mustache like this? Those who did sure learned their lesson.

Wensink racked up 429 PIMs in his four years with the Bruins (1976 - 1980).

Boston Bruins Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

Charlie Simmer

Although Simmer joined the Bruins later in his career, he still found the back of the net an average of almost 33 times per season between 1984 - 1987. Surely the mustache had to be responsible for at least half of those goals.

Boston Bruins v New Jersey Devils Photo by Focus on Sport/Getty Images

Rick Middleton

‘Nifty’ Rick Middleton sure had a nifty mustache, which should be reason enough to induct him into the Hockey Hall of Fame (Boston Bruins 1976 - 1988).

Rick Middleton Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Jay Miller

Tough guy Jay Miller once got 304 PIMs in one season...his mustache earned most of them for looking so darn good (Boston Bruins 1985 - 1989).

Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Bob Sweeney

Big Bob Sweeney’s appearances on NESN sure would be a lot more interesting if he grew the ‘stache back again (Boston Bruins 1986 - 1992).

Tim Thomas

Tim Thomas did a lot of great things in his NHL career (4x All-Star, 2x Vezina winner, Conn Smythe winner, Stanley Cup Champion) but none might be as great as when grew this lip strip (Boston Bruins 2005 - 2012).

Shawn Thornton

What is it about tough guys and mustaches? Perhaps one of the most beloved Bruins in recent times, Thornton and his mustache played a pivotal role on the B’s Merlot line (Boston Bruins 2007 - 2014).


Patrice Bergeron

Although the ‘stache is not a permanent fixture on Bergeron, is there anyone in the league who looks more fashionable when sporting a cookie duster? (Boston Bruins 2003 - Present)

Boston Bruins v Colorado Avalanche Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images

David Pastrnak

The latest entry to the legacy of the Bruin mustaches is young David Pastrnak. Pastrnak was recently seen pulling off this 70’s look at a Swedish Elite League game. Let’s hope the ‘stache sticks around for awhile.

So there you have it. Some sensational ‘staches...but the question remains: which one rules over the rest?

Did we miss someone? Add a link or photo in the comments?