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Morning Skate: Cash money

A whole bunch of dough for a new jersey.

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Well folks, the jersey hype has come and gone, and a new realization sets in: this is a good way for the league to make some serious coin.

New jerseys for all 31 teams...and, if they all match the Bruins Pro Shop prices, they’re going for up to $240 a pop...CHA CHING.

Of course, alternate jerseys in all sports are little more than cash grabs, so it’s not like there’s any shame in it.

Still, the league must be happy with the reaction. Whether you like them, hate them, or are in between, most of the hockey world was talking about the jerseys on Monday.

If you’re the NHL, that’s exactly what you wanted during the slow part of your off-season.

Who’s going shopping?

Today’s highlight

Talking about the Ottawa Senators yesterday reminded me of this, probably the most bizarre pregame intro in NHL history.

Today’s discussion topic

Which Reverse Retro is your favorite? I’m partial to the Arizona Coyotes and the St. Louis Blues. Down with the Carolina Hurricanes, who continue to try to profit off the memory of the Whalers.