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Morning Skate: Welcome to Slo-vember


NHL: NOV 02 Senators at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Nah, just kidding. I won’t do that to you fine people again.

Interestingly, the photo accompanying this post is from exactly a year ago today. Those were the days, eh?

My man Peter Cehlarik in the NHL lineup, no such thing as COVID-19...good times.

Anyways, we remain in the slow days here hockey-wise, though the “real world” is anything but slow right now with the election coming up in the United States tomorrow. Don’t forget to vote!

The Bruins continue to have a quiet off-season, which makes sense, as no one really knows how long this off-season is going to go. January? February? Indefinitely? Time will tell.

Frankly, the entire hockey world is pretty quiet. A few big(ish) free agents remain unsigned, but the Bruins are far from the only team not doing much. A couple of new contracts for head coaches, a couple of signings here and there, but other than that...silence.

Today, we’ll start our player grades series. It’s also November, which is wild, as I swear it was April yesterday.

Time flies when the world is falling apart.

What’s on tap?

Today’s highlight

Wolves won this weekend. Enjoy!

Today’s discussion topic

How was trick-or-treating in your neck of the woods? I had two kids all night. Up in Dorchester, my family and one of my buddies reported a dozen or so kids in total, when it’s normally closer to 200.

I guess the weather and people being careful ended up having an impact, so...leftover candy!

Bonus question

I should have asked this Friday, but what’s the best candy, and why is it Take 5?