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Mantykivi and Bychkov make their respective teams, Johnny Beecher sent home

Two prospects go to Edmonton, and one goes home.

It’s December 12th, which means that the World Junior teams are to be solidified, and whoever’s going to Edmonton this year, is going.

For the Bruins, there were three prospective choices, but as we know now, only two will be heading to the 2021 Bubbled WJC. They are:

Defense prospect Roman Bychkov (From the Lokomotiv Yaroslavl), who will be joining Team Russia!

and Center prospect Matias Mantykivi, who will be joining Team Finland!

The only player that won’t be making his way over the border is Johnny Beecher, who tested positive for COVID, and as a result will be entering quarantine, and will not be joining Team USA for the World Juniors.

A horrible turn of events for the young man, and Team USA is already going through some pains. We wish him all the best as he makes his way back to the University of Michigan. Our primer for the World Juniors will be going up in five days.

In the meantime, congratulations to Roman and Matias on making their teams! We wish them all the best!