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Morning Skate: A new hope

Next season may be on the horizon after all.

Boston Bruins Hockey Team Portrait


Folks, yesterday was December 13. If reports are to be believed, the next NHL season will begin in less than a month.

This means we’ve got just a few weeks to go, weeks that will feature training camps, exhibition games, and finally, the puck dropping. Here’s to hoping it all goes smoothly.

Anyways, how was your weekend? It was 60 degrees in Boston yesterday, wild weather for mid-December.

As New England weather goes, it’s probably a good idea to expect a blizzard sometime soon too.

In terms of next season, the big looming question in Bruins World s what happens with Zdeno Chara, as the rest of the free agent business has been taken care of.

Now that the league is reportedly planning on a 56-game season beginning next month, does that mean Chara is ready to return? Or is he happy living his post-NHL life? Considering playing elsewhere? We’ll see, I guess.

Anyways, Monday...what’s on tap?

Today’s highlight

Is that noted Boston commuter Jarome Iginla?!?!

That 2014 season ended in disappointment, so it’s easy to forget how good Iginla was for the Bruins.

Today’s discussion topic

A new hockey season in less than a month. Are you ready?