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Morning Skate: Cashing in

A record-breaking sale for a hockey card.

Edmonton Oilers v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

We’re still in a holding pattern for real NHL news, so at the time, a lot of what we’re seeing is the more “fun” stuff, like your favorite website sharing a post on a Boston Garden model that eventually ended up on

Yeah, just like that.

Anyways, one hockey-related news item made waves outside of hockey circles last week: Wayne Gretzky’s rookie card sold for $1.29 million at auction, becoming the first hockey card to sell for more than a million dollars.

Yes, more than a million dollars for a hockey card.

Back in my card-collecting days, landing a big rookie card was a dream. I remember the fever pitch year of trying to collect Albert Pujols or Ichiro Suzuki rookie cards, convinced that they’d pay for my entire college education.

I was always much more of a baseball card guy than a hockey card guy, but cards were cards when I was a kid. I hope mine are still around my parents’ house somewhere, as I had some good ones.

Who knows? Maybe there’s one I forgot about that can bring in some cash...

Today’s highlight

Yeah, the Oilers may have beaten the Bruins for a Stanley Cup a few decades ago, but David Pastrnak finally got revenge.

Okay, not really, but still.

Today’s discussion topic

Were/are you a card collector? I thought it was pretty cool recently when I saw that card collecting was kind of making a comeback.

Any good hauls or pulls to share?