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Morning Skate: Snowbound

Some weather heading our way.

Fenway Park Snow Photo by Billie Weiss/Boston Red Sox/Getty Images

Remember Monday’s Morning Skate, where I mentioned that it was 60ish degrees in Boston on Sunday? Good times, indeed.

Because now, there’s a pretty significant snowstorm heading our way. New England!

The snow’s not expected to get started until tonight so until is Wednesday, my dudes.

One of the funnier Bruins-related memories I have from college is linked with the snow, as a storm hit Boston over the course of the day, not the night, leaving that night’s Bruins game against the New Jersey Devils in doubt.

Still, the Devils were there, so were the Bruins, so they a steep discount. I believe it was $10 for balcony tickets, $20 for loge. I was living on Beacon Hill at Suffolk at the time, so a few of us splurged on loge tickets and trudged over.

The Bruins lost, and the only real highlight was Milan Lucic pummeling David Clarkson.

One of my friends was heckling Martin Brodeur during the game, and given the sparse crowd he probably heard him.

My friend swears to this day that after the game ended, Brodeur turned around and made eye contact with him.

He won that round.

Today’s highlight

See? Pummeled, especially that last shot.

Today’s discussion topic

Best Bruins game you ever attended in person. Go.