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Morning Skate: Get Kraken

Not much doing, folks.

Boston Bruins v New York Rangers Photo by B Bennett/Getty Images

Yesterday, we kicked off the month of December, and it was nearly 60 degrees in Boston.

Even weirder? It’s December and no one knows if the season is even going to be played. Good times.

The latest news is that the NHL is claiming it needs to somehow recoup $300 million to play this coming season, which is insane.

To make those ends meet, the league wants players to defer even more of the salary that they’ve already deferred.

For some players, deferring, say, another 10% on top of an initial 10% wouldn’t break the bank. After all, if you’re pulling in $6 million per season, you’ll feel that deferral, but you’ll be able to get by.

What would be more concerning, and what hopefully the NHLPA is focused on, is the fact that the majority of players don’t make anywhere near that much, so that 20something% is going to hurt.

Yes, these players are better off than the vast majority of the regular folks out there, but it seems a little crazy for billionaires to ask their players to bear the brunt of these cuts.

Anyways, I guess this is a long-winded way of me saying that I’m beginning to doubt that this season is going to be played at all.

Again, good times.

Today’s highlight

Happy trails, Torey Krug.

Today’s discussion topic

What’s your percentage confidence that the NHL season happens? I’m feeling about 40% confident.