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David Pastrnak wins Czech Sportsperson of the Year!

Czechia crowns some Pasta!

Sportovec Roku’s Twitter

Today was the ceremony for Sportovec Roku, or Sportsperson of the Year award, that is handed out in the Czech Republic every year, and is voted on by the Sports Journalism Club (basically think a nationwide PHWA but for all sports).

Since this is a Bruins blog, you can probably guess, that after his 4th straight hockey player of the year award in his homeland, that a certain someone probably ended up with some new accolades.

And yes, it is indeed now Legendary Bruins Winger™ David Pastrnak, who was awarded the trophy and-IS THAT A F!%#ING CROWN!?


Look at that thing! If you zoom in you can see it’s even engraved! Hasek won the ‘94 award, and you can see his name on it! God, the Czechs understand how to properly award someone so much better than we do.

Digression on headware-based trophies aside, it’s a big honor for Pasta, but also for Czech Ice hockey, who hadn’t been represented by the award since Jagr won it back in 2005. Remember, this is sportsperson of the year, and the judges have to go through every sport that’s played by Czech athletes. Pretty impressive stuff.

Congrats to Czech Sportsking of the year; David Pastrnak!