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Morning Skate: Outer space

A little wiggle room!

2015 NHL Draft - Round One Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images


When the Bruins re-signed Jake DeBrusk, it crossed a bit of business off of the to-do list, and also gave us our first bit of Bruins-related news in quite some time.

Heading into the off-season, the Bruins’ main chores were to re-sign DeBrusk and Grzelcyk, then see what Zdeno Chara wanted to do.

Two of the three are in the books, leaving Chara hanging out there as the last item to cross off.

As we wait for that, it’s worth considering how things look for the B’s from a cap perspective.

Per Cap Friendly, the Bruins have $2.9 million in cap space at the present time. That figure doesn’t necessarily include any relief the team could get out of putting David Pastrnak or Brad Marchand on LTIR (however minimal that relief would be).

However, given the fact that the season is almost certainly not starting in early January, both guys will likely be ready to go whenever things start anyways.

I suppose the take-home point here is that barring a new deal for Chara, it looks like the Bruins are done for the off-season. Are we good with that?

Today’s highlight

I felt bad for David Koci during and especially after this fight.

Today’s discussion topic

Lots of people have been posting their Spotify wrap-ups. What’s a good song or good band you discovered this year?