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2021 WJC Day 5 Recap: The major powers engage in “Purée your opponent” night

Blowouts are unfortunately common at this stage of the WJC, but tonight was just a three hit combo of central europe getting absolutely devastated on a sheet of Alberta ice.

Russia v Czech Republic: Preliminary Round Group B - 2021 IIHF World Junior Championship Photo by Codie McLachlan/Getty Images

Game One - The US imposes great violence on the Czech Republic in the 1300th World Juniors game ever played, wins 7-0

At one point late yesterday I was thinking maybe, just maybe, this game could’ve been close.

Turns out, I am hopelessly optimistic!

Game Notes:

  • Trevor Zegras is very much back on his horse, with a 5 point night (2g, 3a) against the Czechs. This dude is pretty much a lock for player of the tournament if all continues as promised.
  • Turns out the penalty trouble from the Czechs first game came back with a vengeance. They finished the night with 24 minutes in penalties, and a USA team this skilled is the last team aside from Canada you want to have up a man and dictating how play is supposed to go.
  • Sweden and the States have been deadlocked in first place of Group A, with only Sweden’s suffocating defense keeping them ahead by goal differential. They’ll play each other on the 31st to decide once and for all who’s in charge.
  • Happy 1300th game, everybody!

Game 2 - Switzerland just can’t handle Canada. Canada wins 10-0

It’s Canada and they’re not playing anybody that could hope to compete with them until the 31st against Finland. Did you really need to be told how this one would go?

Game Notes:

  • Seems some Canadian fans were quite shocked and lightly annoyed to learn that the IIHF rules aren’t just more stringent, but also the refs aren’t nearly as lenient as, say, NHL or Canadian Junior refs for things like...say... the checking from behind rule (Rule 123 in the IIHF rulebook and Rule 43 in the NHL rulebook, if you’re curious) and the tripping rules. And we wonder why they get so up in arms over everything in this tournament.
  • Man it’ll be fun to see what Canada does against a team even close to their talent level.
  • Quenton Byfield is going to terrorize the NHL once he gets there. That kid can run an offense all on his own if he wants.

Game 3 - Austria scores! But the End of 2020 Suffering Tour continues unabated. Russia wins by a lot.

I feel so bad for Austria’s goalies, man. They didn’t ask for this. They had to miss Christmas for this.

Game Notes:

  • Rather tragic stuff for Russia, as Chinyakov got hurt being hauled down in the first period, and somebody else had to go take the penalty shot he was awarded. A real pity, he probably would’ve gotten that goal.
  • Austria scored a whole-ass goal! Our lucky man was Senna Peeters!
  • Bruins in this game: WE HAVE A BRUIN PLAYING! Roman Bychkov did indeed dress and played in this game today! He only played around 10 minutes, but he sure made them count with two assists! First one on Vasili Podkolzin’s goal in the first period, and then a secondary assist on Arseni Gritsyuk (an absolutely all-timer 4th liner name)

Today’s Games:

  1. Finland vs. Slovakia - 2pm
  2. Switzerland vs. Germany - 6pm
  3. Russia vs. Sweden - 9:30pm

Personal Recommendations: A hard choice, honestly...all three of these games are pretty good. I’d obviously suggest Finland to see if Mantykivi gets a chance to play, and Germany/Switzerland is now one of the must watch games of the tourney to see if either team can put together a win!