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Boston-area commuter Jarome Iginla appeared on the local news last night

Just a regular guy!

Boston 25 News

A pretty decent snowstorm blew through Massachusetts yesterday, and you know what that means: local news crews interviewing drivers!

It's a time-honored tradition here to have the news teams set up at gas stations or rest stops and ask drivers "HOW ARE THE ROADS OUT THERE?"

The tradition continued yesterday, with one local man giving his take on the weather.

Why yes, that is hockey legend and certified Local Man™ Jarome Iginla giving his thoughts on the storm.

It would appear that My Fox Boston didn't recognize him, as he was just quoted as "Jarome Iginla" in the web piece.

Not "Hockey Hall of Famer Jarome Iginla" or even "noted Colorado Avalanche legend Jarome Iginla."

Just regular ol' Jarome.

Iginla moved to Chestnut Hill after he called it a career, so he's been a Local Guy for a few years now.

His kids all attend school and play prep hockey locally, so who knows? Maybe you'll run into your neighborhood Hall of Famer someday.