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Morning Skate: A case of the Mondays


Orange County National Championship - Round One Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Monday! How was your weekend?

We’re in that weird part of the calendar, where Thanksgiving has passed, Christmas is still a few weeks away, etc.

Basically, it’s just dark all of the time in New England now. Good times.

Anyways, not much happening in Bruins circles this weekend. Jarome Iginla made a cameo on the local news, which was cool. Other than that, crickets.

We’re in that great part of the NHL news cycle where we now get Tweets about how the NHL and NHLPA are “talking” now or are “having good conversations,” which is always fun.

Again, I know they’re different sports and different financials situations, but it’s astounding to me that the NHL and NBA had similar ends to last season and play their seasons on similar timelines, yet the NBA’s preparations for next season are in full swing and essentially set in stone, while the NHL is arguing amongst themselves and pushing any start further and further back.

I mean, the NBA is already promoting Christmas Day match-ups, while we have the NHL and NHLPA “having conversations.”

Good times.

Today’s highlight

Back when the Bruins could score against Tampa :((((((((

Today’s discussion topic

In the spirit of Jarome Iginla’s news appearance, do any famous people live in your town?