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Center Prospect Matias Mantykivi named to Finland’s WJC camp!

The young kid playing with the big boys gets the call for Leijonat!

The World Junior teams have convened for their final (bubbled) camp before the 12th, when they all get on planes to Edmonton, and confirming a previous friendly roster, the Finns have selected 6th rounder Matias Mäntykivi for the 2021 World Juniors camp!

Mäntykivi has been playing with Urho Vaakanainen on Saimaan Pallo, or SaiPa’s Liiga squad in the eastern part of southern Finland, 4 points, all of them assists, in 17 games. Doesn’t sound impressive at first, but you have to remember some context: first, that he’s already almost 80% of his Liiga totals from last year in about half the time, and is also a 19 year old playing against grown-ass men, whose season has only recently begun. This is his first (and given his age, going to be only) call up to the Finnish World Juniors team.

Good luck to Matias! We hope he makes the team!