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B's vs. Jets RECAP: C H A O S R E I G N S

This game was a lot of antsyness boiling over. Thankfully, Tuukka Rask is there!

Boston Bruins v Winnipeg Jets Photo by Jonathan Kozub/NHLI via Getty Images

First Period:

This game has so much going on and its weird to think that it started calm. Or rather, it started pretty dull but strong. It didnt exactly start great however, as puckwatching led to noted scoring backpack Patrik Laine being all alone and undefended in front of Tuukka Rask. The inevitable occured.

Attention to detail is not a feature of tonight's game by any stretch, but this was avoidable, guys. 1-0 Jets.

Thankfully, the Bruins turned up the pressure, and eventually found the first line's kill combo and executed it flawlessly. 1-1 tie!

Capcom please never nerf this line. That was just beautiful.

Also, Charlie McAvoy fought a guy after doing HARM to a gentleman. This will be important later:

And then...the game took twenty minutes off for the real show...


The Bruins participated in a near 20 minute Penalty Kill punctuated by some CHURLISHNESS. Some FISTICUFFS if you will.

Good news: Bruins killed all those penalties! Fun times!

Third Period:

What? Oh right, there was a hockey game in here somewhere. Anyway, Jake DeBrusk on the only power play of the period ended up all by his lonesome and getting the puck from Pastrnak, and he did his thing. 2-1 Bruins!

Just delightful stuff.

And then the Bruins...parked the bus. They mostly let Tuukka Rask earn his 1st star after carrying the team through punchandpk-fest, and the Bruins walked away from this one with a win!

Game notes:

  • Tuukka Rask's first star was VERY well earned. 37 saves on your first game back from brain-bruises, a .974% finish, dude was almost unstoppable tonight. Welcome back indeed.
  • At a hair over 25 minutes, Charlie McAvoy was your TOI leader.
  • Anders Bjork fans might be a bit concerned tonight, as he finished his night with less than 9 minutes. He'll get another chance to showcase himself today.
  • The Bruins appear to have made it clear they're done with getting liberties taken on them, which is always nice to see. Just dont spend most of a period killing penalties, ok?

The Bruins play the Wild at 8pm tonight in St. Paul. See you there!