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Bruins vs. Canucks 2/22/20 RECAP: B’s can’t overcome exhaustion and lacksadaisical play, lose 9-3.

[exasperated sigh]

NHL: FEB 22 Bruins at Canucks Photo by Derek Cain/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Dear past me:

Not gonna lie, if this was the game they ended up dropping on this road trip, I would be a little disappointed...but I’m not sure I’d be surprised after the exhausting game they played not a scant few hours ago.

...Why can’t you be right about things that matter more than hockey: like ebay auctions or tire center prices?


Some Highlights:

It started bad.

Got better!

...and then stayed bad for the rest of eternity.

B’s lose their one of their worst games since February9th of 2016, where they dropped a miserable decision to the Kings. That one’s still worse however, because they were rested in that one. I know, I was there.

Game Notes:

  • This team looked, felt, and was exhausted. They played well early, but the Canucks capitalized on nearly every bounce in the 2nd period, and their cinderblock legs and poor structure couldn’t get anything out of this.
  • Power play was bad. What wasn’t.
  • Defense was...yeah. Nobody walked away from this one with something they couldn’t improve on.
  • Here’s a positive: David Pastrnak is still your NHL leader in goals. If nobody else had to have a good game, having two goals is at least...a light in the inky blackness. Chris Wagner also broke his goalless drought. That’s nice.
  • Kase is awaiting for this team for practice on Monday. Get him in this lineup and see if it can’t spark some more scoring.
  • Team’s still in first place, the back-to-backs are now spaced further apart, and they got their dick punched in by one of the teams that could feasibly end up winning the Pacific. It was embarrassing, but from games like this, it’s more about how you bounce back rather than how you react in the moment.
  • And hey, at least they didn’t lose to some 42 year old zamboni driver.

Bruins have off until Tuesday, where they play the Flames at home. That game is at long last at a reasonable hour, starting at 7pm EST.

We’ll see you there.