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FanPulse: Atlantic Division fans are a confident bunch

Some are right. Some...not so much.

NHL: Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins Bob DeChiara-USA TODAY Sports

SBNation NHL released the latest FanPulse survey results this week, and the results are...interesting.

The question related to how confident each team’s fans are in the current direction of said team. If you’re unfamiliar, FanPulse sends surveys out to fans on a semi-regular basis in order to gauge what fans think about certain topics.

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For some teams, like the Bruins, it makes sense to have fans be confident in the direction of the team. After all, things are going pretty well right now.

For others (ahem...Toronto), the confidence seems a bit misplaced. Still, it’s worth wondering how each fan who voted interpreted “direction.” Is it the direction this season is going, or the direction the franchise in general is going?

Points for discussion, I guess.

Anyways, you can see the results for each Atlantic Division team below. The survey was taken last Wednesday, so that may give you some insight into each fan base’s frame of mind.

Anyone too high? Too low? Discuss.