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Fresh Links: Storytime

Kirk Luedeke’s sketch of Nick Wolff, and a collection of hockey yarns to pass the day

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Gather round, children!
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Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Kirk Luedeke offers his opinion on the Nick Wolff signing- look for a very Adam McQuaid style of play (even in the ways that had us peeking between our fingers sometimes.) Look for a good fit into Bruins culture. Bonus- video clips. Scouting Post
  • The University of Minnesota Duluth seems to be a pipeline for new Bruins. The Hockey Writers
  • The Bulldogs’ alternate captain Justin Richards was also at camp last year @MarkDivver
  • Another pair of idled NCAA players are rumored to be on the Bruins’ radar. @MarkDivver
  • A flat or lowered salary cap could rain on the Bruins’ parade next season. Boston Sports Journal
  • Reviewing Boston’s upcoming free agents, let’s address the elephant in the room- Torey Krug. Bruins Diehards
  • Play the Would You Rather game, Torey Krug edition. HockeyBuzz
  • Steel yourselves, some people’s favorite whipping boy may just take his blocker and go home at the end of his contract. TSN
  • Here’s where Boston stands as of the interruption of this season. NBC Sports
  • Counting down the best of Boston’s pro athletes- #77 is #10. Boston Herald
  • Which Bruins belong on Boston’s All Decade team? Last Word on Hockey
  • You Tried. The Jacobs family is addressing their TD Garden workers’ needs... kindasorta. Providence Journal
  • Zdeno Chara bade Tom Brady a fond farewell. WEEI
  • Bruins fans can feel the Patriots fans’ pain over Brady- it is reminiscent of Ray Bourque’s departure. Providence Journal
  • Cheer up with a virtual dining experience featuring Zdeno Chara this weekend! @NESN

Got plans?

  • If you’re sitting home as advised and looking for fun tomorrow, we’re at it again. (Reprise recap from Saturday’s Bruins v. Sharks 2-1 nailbiter ESPN) Bruins v. Red Wings is the next stop on our agenda- join us for an accompanying game thread! The puck drop is automatically set for 7:00PM tomorrow night. Bonus- it’ll only take 60 minutes! @Dafoomie

NHL Standings:

  • Yadda, yadda, yadda team standings. (Standings for the duration of the suspension of league play are static) NHL
  • Yadda, yadda, yadda player league leaders. (Standings for the duration of the suspension of league play are static) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • Here’s a quick overview of where the league stands now on a bunch of issues. ESPN
  • It is starting to look more like a return to NHL hockey would be in late July, with playoff action in August. TSN
  • In season simulations this weekend on Twitch, the Bruins lost to the Sharks and lost ground to the Lighning. AS IF! The Hockey News
  • Which was the best ever playoff Game #7? Amalie Benjamin got it right. NHL

Got stories? (Each has a link to aduio, if you’d prefer to listen.)

  • A onetime Bruin gets his Stanley Cup ring. Only a Game
  • A last-minute substitute hockey goalie from Hamilton College made a bold prediction to Adolf Hitler (in German) at the 1936 Olympics. He was right- not once, but twice. Only a Game
  • After WWII, a lad is buoyed by meeting a pro playing on a neighborhood rink. Only a Game
  • A pair of sisters were key in starting Women’s Hockey programs at both Cornell and Boston College. Only a Game