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It’s the game that revived the franchise: Game 6

Re-broadcast tonight, thanks to dafoomie!

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

It’d be a stretch to save that the Bruins, as a franchise, were nothing in the late 2000’s, but they were certainly an afterthought in the city of Boston.

The team had crashed out of the playoffs in spectacular fashion prior to the lockout, then stumbled out of the game in their first post-lockout campaign. Those struggles came in spite of some big-name signings, which didn’t help matters.

Things changed in 2007-2008, when a scrappy Bruins team, bolstered by some serious young talent, pushed its way into the playoffs.

The opponent in that first round was none other than the Montreal Canadiens, a team that had utterly dominated the Bruins around that time. The B’s lost the first two games of that series in Montreal, then won Game 3 on a Marc Savard OT goal to give themselves a chance.

Things weren’t looking great in Game 6 at the Garden, but the B’s staged what seemed like comeback after comeback before eventually putting Montreal away.

Sure, the B’s would get blown out in Game 7 in Montreal, but something shifted in the franchise that day. The city of Boston was talking about the Bruins again, and really, you could argue that “Game 6” set the tone for the the run the Bruins, as a franchise, have been on for the past 10+ years.

Tonight, YouTube legend dafoomie will be rebroadcasting Game 6 from 2008. It’s in standard definition, so don’t watch it on your 70” 4K TV, but tune in for some nostalgia: Marco Sturm, “this building is vibrating!” angry Guy Carbonneau...what could be better?

The stream starts at 7. Link below.

Watch Game 6