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Fresh Links: Gold Standard

There is still no better defensive forward in the NHL, and this is not news

Boston Bruins v Atlanta Thrashers
Boston’s best since 2003 (Patrice Bergeron)
Photo by Scott Cunningham

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Patrice Bergeron is still the gold standard for defensive forwards. Just look at the numbers. Bonus- who is his polar opposite? Sportsnet
  • It’s HERE! Lend your ears to the Three Amigos for a long discussion of Torey Krug’s and David Krejci’s futures along with Jack Studnicka’s development and what may happen in an expansion draft. (Audio, 2:11:35) Scouting Post
  • Signing undrafted Jack Ahcan from St. Cloud State- what does it mean. Boston Herald
  • Whose fingerprints were all over this signing? Bonus- pronunciation key for Ahcan’s name. Scouting Post
  • Ahcan is another of the Bruins’ crafty signings out of the NCAA. WEEI
  • One thread running through Boston’s NCAA undrafted player signings is demonstrated leadership. Boston Globe
  • Players, interrupted- the regular season thus far has been notable for the professional progress of several young Bruins. Prime Time Sports Talk
  • Free Agency approaches- which Bruins are in the mix as potential trades or contract renewals? My NHL Trade Rumors
  • Byron Dafoe has walked a mile in Tuukka Rask’s moccasins, and sheds light on why Rask is mulling a career change sooner rather than later. NESN
  • Ty Anderson ranks the Bruins’ playoff series from the last decade. Bonus- he solicits ideas for upcoming articles, here’s a chance to chime in. 985 the Sports Hub
  • One family finally gave up being Bruins season ticketholders after constant nickel and diming by Jeremy Jacobs and Delaware North overcame their love of the team. Full Press Coverage

Got plans? We’ve got game threads!

  • On Saturday evening, in keeping with the regular Bruins schedule now disrupted, is a Bruins v. Panthers game from November, 2010. The puck drop is automatically set for 6:00PM. On Sunday, the game will be Bruins v. Canadiens, and the game appears to be from the WSBK era. Note- game time is set for 7:00PM for that one. @Dafoomie
  • NESN is replaying the 2011 Stanley Cup run games. Last night, the Bruins rebounded after an Adirondak respite to beat the Canadiens in the Eastern Conference Quarterfinals at the Centre Bell. Join us tonight for a reprise game thread tonight at 8:00PM. The series then returned to Boston, and on Saturday night Game #5 airs at 8:00PM. (Current airing schedule NESN) No further schedule has been published, so stand by.

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In simulated NHL action, the Atlantic Division continues to entertain in the virtual season. Those Panthers just won’t quit! The Hockey News
  • And you, too, can stay in shape at home- work out with Haley Wickenheiser! NHL
  • Donald Fehr advocates playing an unabridged 2020-21 season. TSN
  • Now more details can come out about the famous Joe Thornton trade. There was another very serious suitor, and the stakes were high. Yahoo Sports
  • From 2006 to 2015, which players were the sleepers left languishing into the final rounds of the NHL Draft? Hint- one is currently a Bruin. The Hockey News
  • By the numbers, landing a star player does not have the desired outcome for NHL teams. Interestingly, this is not the case in the NBA. Wave Intel
  • Small-town sports reporting in Sudbury, ON was quite an eye-opener for one writer. You just can’t make this stuff up. The Hockey News
  • Justin Bourne finds comfort these days by keeping his meal schedule, offers some hockey opinions, and then sneaks some life advice into a story from his own playing past. Sportsnet
  • The QMJHL’s top scorer, a stranded Russian lad, is scoring big points in his adopted community by delivering off-ice as well. CTV Atlantic