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Reprise Public Skate: Bruins v. Lightning ECF Game #6

The Bolts retreat back to Tampa Bay to make a final stand- go big, or stay home.

Boston Bruins Fans At Sports Grille And Bar
Back in Boston, fans gather with friends to await the outcome of Game #6.
Photo by Dina Rudick/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Before we get started, there was a sad update regarding Colby Cave, too awful for words.

The Bruins won 3-1 in Game #5 of the Eastern Conference Final against the Lightning. Back in Tampa Bay, Game #6 has the Bolts’ backs against the wall. Will they unpack for the last time this season? The fun starts tonight at 8:00PM.

Review the original 788 comment Game #6 gamethread from May 25, 2011. totheights says what everyone is thinking - “Wait, a PP goal? I am literally in shock.”

SPOILER ALERT- Game recap.

What’s on tap?