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Zdeno Chara weighs in on the “can Tuukka Rask win?” debate

The captain has spoken.

San Jose Sharks v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

It’s been a bit of a weird break for Tuukka Rask.

The Bruins goalie has largely remained out of the spotlight himself, but has been the subject of more than a few conversations.

First, Rask was dragged into a discussion about flatulence, which was...yeah. That happened. We’re living in weird times, folks.

Then today, as Rask was minding his own business, he got dragged into another social media fray, courtesy of his captain.

Seemingly out of nowhere, Zdeno Chara (who is a great on Instagram, by the way), posted a defense of his goalie today.

It’s unclear if Chara had been listening to sports talk radio, but he did not have time for those takes.

If you can’t read the full comment, see below:

The other day I’ve been asked if I think Tuukka can get us to win another Championship.

This season Tuukka ranks first in goals against average among all goalies with more than 15 games played. 2.22 goals against average. With his excellent performances he helped our team to be leader in points around the NHL.

So there is your answer

Tuukka is “Boston Wall”


Again, this seems super random, but it’s nice to see Chara stick up for his goalie (even though the “haters” have been quieter than usual this season).

Let’s just hope Chara doesn’t devolve into full Online Guy™, with burner accounts and everything.