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Fresh Links: Historical

Looking back to a time when hockey’s return helped to heal

Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins
Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Brad Marchand sat for questions as part of the Bruins “Town Hall.” It is as entertaining as you imagined. He is very proud of an accomplishment that was NOT winning the Stanley Cup, and names the young defenseman he finds hardest to play against. He also notes what part of his game has had to evolve with the times. (Video, 32:00) Bruins NHL
  • Sure, they’re biased, but the NESN crew believes that this Bruins bunch can win the Stanley Cup. NESN
  • The Bruins signed some youngsters this week (985 The Sports Hub) and Dominic Tiano addresses why they were signed to AHL rather than NHL contracts. Scouting Post
  • Got history? The Bruins in 2013 returned to action at TD Garden Boston Strong. (Video, 6:23) YouTube
  • Got history? This was also a red letter day back in 1980, for reasons. @BruinsDiehards

Got plans? We’ve got game threads!

  • NESN is re-airing the 2011 Stanley Cup run games. Tonight the Stanley Cup Final Game #4 pits a very irate bunch of Bruins against a Canucks team that hospitalized Nathan Horton and then allowed eight (8!) goals in two periods. Join us for a reprise game thread tonight at 8:30PM.
  • Last night Andrew Ference was the Bruin on the @NHLBruins Twitter feed. Here’s a digest of some of his replies to questions. He is very adept at Twitter, and it shows. NESN
  • Ference had also prepared little goal cellys complete with goal horn, strobe light, and artifacts- collect them all! Goal #1 (Ference) @NHLBruins / Goal #2 (Recchi) @NHLBruins / Goal #3 (Marchand) @NHLBruins / Goal #4 (Krejci) @NHLBruins / Goal #5 (Paille) @NHLBruins / Goal #6 (Recchi) @NHLBruins / Goal #7 (Kelly) @NHLBruins / Goal #8 (Ryder) @NHLBruins. Good thing he had a box full of stuff!

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • By the numbers, take a look at some of the best forward lines in hockey since 2007, based on goal differential. TSN
  • The Overrated- agree to disagree with this list of the NHL’s overhyped since 1990. Brad Marchand? The Jagr? EVERY MAPLE LEAF, EVER? Well, maybe... Deadspin
  • So what of the NHL Draft Lottery in this odd season? The Hockey News
  • To get the season going again, all options are on the table- even the far-fetched ones. Toronto Sun
  • Got history? One very old hockey stick is up for auction, if you have a cool $3.5M. The Score More info and photos are in the auction listing. Goldin Auctions
  • You may now need a refund on event tickets you purchased from Live Nation (formerly Ticketmaster) for events that are now simply “postponed.” Good luck with that. CBC
  • In a metropolitan galaxy to our southwest, within the past century or so, which Rangers players’ names would integrate seamlessly into a Star Wars universe? Blueshirt Banter