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Have your say in the NHL’s Best Goal Song bracket!

There’s not much else going on, so let’s vote on music.

Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins - Game Four Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

There’s still no hockey to discuss, so instead, we’re discussing GOAL SONGS!

The SBN NHL sites have gotten together to create a bracket featuring the goal song (or songs) for each team, and now it’s your turn to vote!

Voting is being done via FanPulse, which is a pretty cool thing if you’re not signed up yet. Basically, FanPulse will send registered users a survey on NHL topics every now and then, and then we’ll report out the results.

If you’d like to register for FanPulse, click here; after registering, you’ll be taken directly to the goal song bracket.

Here are your match-ups in the first round!

Division 1

A solid group, but “individual goal songs” are a cop out. PICK SOMETHING AND STICK WITH IT. The Buffalo Sabres are the dark horse in this division.

Division 2

It’s a playoff rematch, with the Bruins facing off against the Ottawa Senators. Both are generic crowd noise songs, but the Bruins’ song is better so...VOTE.

Side note: the Hurricanes should be higher than an 11 seed. Petey Pablo!

Division 3

The Blackhawks got a bye. A BYE?!?!?!?!

My vote in this region is for the Coyotes, because the song choice is appropriate and because the Black Keys rule.

Division 4

A very weak group here. This group is the Detroit Red Wings of the entire bracket.

Once again, you can vote by signing up for FanPulse here. You won’t get a ton of spam, just an occasional survey to let your voice be heard!

Any thoughts on the bracket above? Anyone think the Bruins need a new goal song after more than a decade?