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Recapping the 2011 Bruins Zoom reunion

It was chaos, but it was beautiful chaos.

On Tuesday night, the Bruins and NESN finished their run of 2011 playoff replays with Game 7 in Vancouver, the one that capped off that memorable run.

The B’s made an occasion of it, hosting a Zoom video reunion with just about every member of that 2011 team.

Prior to the broadcast, the Bruins put out a small disclaimer, stating that this would be a live broadcast, and as such, viewer discretion was advised.

Boy, did it not disappoint!

The broadcast, if you didn’t tune in, was a beautiful collection of nostalgia, warm memories, roasting, and some moments that shouldn’t be repeated.

Let’s recap!

  • The star of the show was undoubtedly Gregory Campbell. The former fourth-liner took aim at just about everyone on the call, with a particular focus on Brad Marchand. It’d be impossible to recap all of them, but telling Marchand to have some respect for himself and stop selling t-shirts was great, or telling him that he had a Donald Trump combover.
  • Speaking of roasting Marchand, Chris Kelly told Marchand that his career would go to sh*t once Patrice Bergeron retires.
  • One of the happier moments involved Tim Thomas just being there and having a smile on his face. He resurfaced during this season and commented on the tough times he had after retiring, but looked genuinely relaxed and happy on the broadcast. He was the subject of a number of genuine toasts, including a particularly warm one from Milan Lucic.
  • Speaking of Lucic, he was a star of the broadcast as well. He was definitely the sentimental drinking guy, the friend you have who starts getting warm and fuzzy after a few beers.
  • Lucic also took aim at the Buffalo Sabres more than once. The players were commenting on how goalies took a lot more contact back then, and Lucic chimed in that he wondered what happened to change that. He then added that Ryan Miller “shouldn’t have been standing there,” and we all know what that’s referring to. The team then chimed in that Lucic destroyed the entire Sabres franchise with that play, and’s hard to argue that point.
  • Tuukka Rask was hilarious, and he definitely had team PR people sweating at a few different points. Also, his wife recently gave birth to their third daughter, so...congrats!
  • Nathan Horton wasn’t on the broadcast, which wasn’t super odd in and of itself, but it got a little weird. Horton came up a handful of times. Once, it was just kind of skimmed over with a “he’s not around” type deal. Later, however, Lucic made a comment to the extent of “I don’t care what anyone says, we don’t win that year without him.” Most people have heard the weird rumors surrounding Horton’s reasons for leaving Boston, but it almost seems like there’s some other layers to the whole thing. He reunited with David Krejci and Lucic in a photo earlier this season, but...the mentions tonight were weird.
  • Patrice Bergeron confirmed that Alex Burrows did, in fact, bite him earlier in the series. Lucic also sarcastically commented about Burrows at one point, saying “Burrows cheapshotted someone? Weird!”
  • One of the cooler parts about this, if you’re the sentimental type, was that the team is still a pretty tight-knit group. Just goes to show you that it was a special group.

All in all, a pretty hilarious night in what hasn’t exactly been the most hilarious stretch of time.

Anyone else have any particularly memorable moments from the call?

Rank your call MVPs. I’m going with:

  1. Gregory Campbell
  2. Milan Lucic
  3. Tuukka Rask
  4. Andrew Ference
  5. Brad Marchand


UPDATE (10:03 AM) - An added bonus from Wednesday morning! Roberto Luongo is hilarious.