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End Jersey Week by showing us your favorite!

Many of you have them, so show off your favorite!

Pittsburgh Penguins v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

As Jersey Week across SB Nation comes to an end, it’s time to look at the most important jerseys: yours!

I collected hockey jerseys for years, until things like mortgage payments started getting in the way. I’ve since moved on to soccer jerseys because a) they’re easier to wear and b) they’re significantly cheaper.

Someday, I’ll go back. SOME DAY!

Over that time, I amassed more than 40 jerseys, from random one-offs to a whole bunch of Bruins-related jerseys. It’s always fun to see the jerseys people consider their favorites, as sometimes the story associated with it is even cooler than the jersey itself.

I shared a few of my favorite jerseys from my collection below. I also asked people on Twitter to share their favorites, and you can see those as well.

If you have a favorite (doesn’t matter what sport), share it in the comments!

Carl Soderberg World Juniors jersey

Carl Soderberg Sweden jersey
Carl Soderberg Sweden jersey

If you’ve read this site for a while, you know there are three players I have a soft spot for: Dennis Wideman, Carl Soderberg, and Michael Ryder (more on him later).

I got this Sweden jersey on eBay for short money, and when I realized it was the style Soderberg wore when he played for Sweden as a teenager, I knew what had to be done.

Michael Ryder 2011 Stanley Cup Final jersey

Michael Ryder Stanley Cup Final jersey
Michael Ryder Stanley Cup Final jersey

I told you we’d hear more about Michael Ryder later! What’s not to love? The SCF patch makes this one a little more special.

Marc Savard autographed third jersey

Marc Savard Bruins third jersey
Marc Savard Bruins third jersey

This came up on eBay as a blank jersey, and the price was reasonable. Months later, a friend of mine was going to an autograph signing and offered to bring it to get the signature on the back.

I like this style of jersey, and having Savard on the back is great.

Game-used Ireland national team jersey

Ireland ice hockey jersey
Ireland ice hockey jersey

Not exactly known as an ice hockey power, Ireland plays in the IIHF’s Division 3. They once beat Armenia 23-1! And also once lost to Romania 22-0. Yikes!

I purchased this jersey from the Irish Ice Hockey Association, and it was worn by David (I think) Gibson in a game several years back.

Zdeno Chara KHL jersey

Zdeno Chara Lev Praha jersey
Zdeno Chara Lev Praha jersey

Back during the 2013 lockout, I became obsessed with the European jerseys various Bruins were wearing while playing overseas. At one point, I kept a running log on this site of which jerseys were available and how to buy them (some Google Translate required).

The jersey above is one of the ones that required Google Translate, but it was worth it. The now-defunct Lev Praha had some of the nicest jerseys in Europe at the time.

It was fun to order something in Czech, and was a borderline miracle when it showed up, but it’s a pretty sweet jersey.

Sky’s magic palace of sweaters:

Signed Bergeron sweater

I got this one for my birthday some time ago from an auction I was sure I was never going to win due to the fact that it is genuinely the best Bruins player of the 21st century in our lifetimes and also I believe not even a year removed from his legendary Game 7 goal.

But a stroke of luck got me this one for a svelte...$300 dollars. This one is probably headed for a glass case, but I have to get off my keister and order it.

A Zdeno Charazard Pokemon sweater from Geekyjerseys

I paid $120 dollars for this disastrous pun. It’s the best $120 I’ve ever spent.

Johnny Boychuk Islanders sweater


Halifax Mooseheads Sweater

I got this during a summer visit to Nova Scotia. It would’ve had a Screaming Eagles counterpart, but Centre 500 wasn’t open on that day.

It’s a pity, they have some decent looks up in Cape Breton.

Mississippi Riverkings sweater

Because my family is sort of spread out, I occasionally get weird hockey sweaters for birthdays, and this is one that my uncle sent me while he was around.

The Riverkings went bust about three months later, so now it’s theoretically a collector’s item in the same way Lowell Lock Monsters gear is.

That said I will absolutely pay retail price for a ‘99 Lowell Lock Monsters black jersey in L or XL so drop me an email if you wanna add to my collection.

From Twitter!