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NHL Regular Season is concluded, Boston wins the President’s trophy, David Pastrnak co-wins Richard, and Rask/Halak win the Jennings

The Boston Bruins are President’s Trophy winners, but that’s not the only trophy coming home this year!

Buffalo Sabres v Boston Bruins
Local trophy winners greet each other
Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Gary Bettman had a call today to effectively reiterate much of what was on the Return-to-Play memo that released not too long ago, and to reiterate things that were mostly already known through simple common sense.

But one thing is absolutely clear: The NHL has considered the 2019-20 Regular season complete after Game 70, which means of course, we have the following to announce:

  1. The Boston Bruins are 2019-20 President’s Trophy Winners, with a final record of 44-14-12, according to the way they’re doing this.
  2. The Rocket Richard trophy, given to the best goalscorer of the year, is going to be shared this year between David Pastrnak and Alex Ovechkin, who both finished the season with 48 goals. He could’ve easily been the sole-winner but he came down with a crippling case of “being unselfish”, and so this is the first Richard shared since Crosby and Stamkos shared it in 2009-10.
  1. The William M. Jennings trophy, given to the goalie, or tandem of goalies, who have given up the least amount of goals with at least 25 games played, will be awarded to Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak, Rask who finished the year first in GAA, second in SV% with a .929, and 2nd in shutouts with 5. Halak finished the year 5th in GAA, and 11th in SV% with a .919, and tied 4th in shootouts with 3.

Their playoff pursuits will be seen in another article.

Congratulations to all players, and here come the playoffs! about two months or so.