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Dempsey returns for sixth season

Oh captain, my captain!

Michelle Jay

In a very anticipated move the Pride have resigned their captain Jillian Dempsey. This will be the sixth season on the team for Dempsey.

After being the league leader in both points and assists and helping to lead the Pride to a 23-1 record she captained one of the All-Star teams where she won the shooting accuracy competition.

In her career Dempsey has played in 91 games totaling 46 goals, and 52 assists for a total of 98 points. All three are all-time highs in NWHL history.

The announcement came on National Teacher’s day as a tribute to the fact that Dempsey is currently a fifth grade teacher in her hometown, Winthrop, Mass.

Dempsey had this message for her fans about her signing.