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Fresh Links: Game Changer

Aren’t we lucky to live in a world with Bobby Orr in it?

Bobby Orr Getting Champagne Shower
A Champagne rinse is great to keep the salad fresh. (Bobby Orr)

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Bobby Orr changed hockey, and Boston. Boston Herald
  • Scott Russell went from being a fan in Oshawa and attending the Orr-Walton hockey camp to a CBC career. He offers an appreciation of what Bobby Orr has meant to him. CBC
  • First, the “Flying Bobby” statue- which iconic hockey moment should be cast in bronze next? ESPN
  • Johnny Bucyk was with his Bruins team through some hard times, and was especially gratified to raise the Stanley Cup in 1970. Patriot Ledger
  • Handsome, rich, and troubled, Derek Sanderson didn’t realize how much he missed his tribe after he left Boston. Patriot Ledger
  • Improvements in Anders Bjork’s play were overshadowed this season. Prime Time Sports Talk
  • Here’s some good news- the Bruins are making enquiries into booking smaller ice venues to use for small groups of Bruins. WEEI
  • Truer words were never spoken, and Tim Thomas was known to deliver them when appropriate to bolster his teammates between periods in his own droll, Midwestern style. NESN
  • Denis Leary reminisced about growing up a Bruins fan in Boston and how his mother (and later Brendan Shanahan) were starstruck meeting Bobby Orr. The Sporting News
  • It was Coyotes v. Bruins virtually in the Player Gaming Challenge. Bonus- a Charlie McAvoy penalty shot. (Video, 7:43) NHL

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: Here’s a chance to look at a notable Bruins trade from the receiving team’s perspective- which team got the best of the deal that sent Milan Lucic to the Kings? (Bonus- do you remember the other players in the trade?) HockeyBuzz
  • It is beginning to look like the NHL will skip the end of the regular season and move ahead to a playoff tournament of 24 teams. NY Post
  • 31 Thoughts is up! Skip to #26 to confirm what we already knew about Patrice Bergeron. Sportsnet
  • Here’s a cautionary tale about misogynistic players unsuccesfully navigating the social media world in which we live. The Hockey News Unpacking the “apology”. Washington Post An update. Winnipeg Free Press And now the other shoe has dropped. @CapitalsPR
  • Revisit the 2009 Carolina Hurricanes victory over the Bruins in Game #7 of the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoff from behind enemy lines, before Joe Corvo and Dennis Seidenberg came to Boston and long after Sergei Samsonov had removed the Spoked B. Canes Country