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David Pastrnak yet again wins Czech Player of the Year award!

It is his 4th nomination since 2017!

@narodnitym (the Czech National team’s twitter page)

Since 2017, David Pastrnak has had an absolute stranglehold on the Zlatá Hokejka, or Golden Stick award given out by the Czech Ice Hockey Federation every year.

Naturally, after picking up the Richard, he wasn’t about to lose it.

Also receiving votes this year was David Krejci, who has been bopping around this list for the past four years in different positions. This year? 6th.

This is Pasta’s biggest berth in voting so far, with almost 150 more than 2nd place Dominik Kubalik, and it matches the current record held by Jaromir Jagr for most Zlatá Hokejka wins in a row at four. One more, and his LEGEND only grows further.

Congrats to Pasta on his fourth win! Let’s go for five!