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Starting tomorrow, it’s time for prospect reviews!

There’s not much else going on, so...yeah.

NHL: NOV 29 Rangers at Bruins Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Normally, we do our top prospects series during the off-season, as it’s a nice way to fill the time between the end of one season and the start of another.

During these bizarro world times, however, there is no real “off-season,” so we’re just going to do them now!

Starting tomorrow, we’re going to be counting down the Bruins’ best prospects, starting with a few honorable mentions and then jumping right into #10 on Tuesday.

There’s no real science behind the rankings; instead, we got together as a group and gave our opinions, which then shook out into a list.

The list can be considered a bit of a hybrid, in a way: the rankings should be looked at as which prospects are closest to making an NHL impact, not necessarily which will ultimately have the most success.

For example, you’ll find Oskar Steen higher on the list than John Beecher. Beecher is a 1st-round pick who had a solid first NCAA season, while Steen is a 6th-round pick who played in his first North American season last year.

Beecher may end up being the better prospect in the long run, but Steen’s decent AHL production last year puts him ahead due to the fact that he’s closer to making an NHL impact.

Are these methods perfect? Nope! Are there people who are going to scoff at the list? Yup! And you should feel free to scoff in the comments.

We decided to take out any player who had essentially established himself as an NHLer prior to the shutdown, even if it was a fringe NHLer. This means that guys like Jeremy Lauzon, Anders Bjork, and Karson Kuhlman essentially “graduated” from this list.

I think the top two are pretty obvious, maybe the top three. One other thing that’s obvious: the Bruins’ prospect pool isn’t exactly deep.

Still, we’ll count them down starting tomorrow! Get your Top 10 in the comments and we’ll see who’s closest to the actual list.