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Morning Skate: Bear with us’s Tuesday.

Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Well folks, you made it to Tuesday! That in and of itself deserves some credit.

Our Top 10 prospects series will get to #10 today after yesterday’s honorable mentions. Other than that, don’t expect too much Bruins news, aside from more informal skates at Warrior.

Highlight of the day

This ad series RULED. If you remember, these ads ran over the course of a season or two, all following a similar theme: a funny looking bear enforcing various unwritten Bruins rules.

The one above was a classic, as was the one about dating a Habs fan, respecting the jersey, etc.

The series also featured a number of banner ads outside of the Garden, all of which were pretty clever jabs at other fan bases.

These ads eventually stopped running right around the Stanley Cup season, particularly because a talk radio host in Tampa got real mad about the ones mocking Lightning fans.

Still, we’ll always have the weird bear.

Question of the day

Hockey players, like most athletes, usually choose their jersey numbers based on some personal connection to the digits.

If you were a pro athlete (or maybe you play in a beer league), what would your number be, and why?