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Morning Skate: It is Wednesday, my dudes

We’re almost halfway to the weekend, at least.

Boston Bruins vs New York Islanders

I know I’ve become an old person when I say things like “TikTok is just a rip-off of Vine!!!” but here we are.

Players continue to trickle into Warrior for voluntary workouts, which is good to see. Major League Baseball appears to be imploding, which isn’t as good to see, but the Red Sox still shouldn’t have traded Mookie Betts. I digress.

Today’s highlight

This was a real commercial that really aired on NESN in real life. Wild.

Today’s topic for discussion

What is the coolest sporting event you’ve attended in person?

Last year, I went to a Benfica game in Lisbon. It was their last game of the season, and they ended up clinching the Portuguese league title with a win.

To say that those fans are on a different level would be quite an understatement.