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Morning Skate: Six-cess

A little nostalgia last night.

Montreal Canadiens v Boston Bruins

I apologize if you didn’t know about this in advance, but NESN re-broadcast Game 6 in glorious (for 12 years ago) HD.

We’ve gone over how much this game ruled many, many, many times, but it’s worth mentioning again that this game ruled. Arguably the best Bruins game of the last 20 years, if not longer.

Today’s highlight

Phil Kessel was a big part of that 2007-2008 team, and he was also a master of shootouts.

Question of the day

One thing that stood out to me while watching Game 6 last night was just how many “villains” were on that Montreal team: Kostitsyn, Kostopoulos, Higgins, Kovalev, Komisarek, Plekanec...the WORST.

Anyways, OTHER THAN MATT COOKE AND ULF SAMUELSSON, who is your all-time least favorite opposing player?