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Morning Skate: Sweating it out

It sure has been hot lately.

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Well folks, it’s Monday. Hope you had a good weekend. It’s been wicked hot in Boston since about Thursday, though a random tropical downpour on Sunday evening brought some relief.

What’s the word? Well, last week:

  • The Tampa Bay Lightning had a bunch of people test positive for COVID-19, which makes that jetski video pretty awkward.
  • The Buffalo Sabres fired everyone, including a guy who was fired by mistake and then had to be told he was staying.
  • Auston Matthews was confirmed to have tested positive for COVID-19.

A wild week in the Atlantic Division.

Today’s highlight

Look at my man Pedro Neto hammering home a goal on the volley. It was a good weekend for Wolves, as they won and a whole bunch of teams around them either lost or tied.

If you are not a fan of a Premier League team, jump on the Wolves bandwagon. It’ll be fun.

Today’s discussion topic

What is your favorite beach game? I’ll go with:

  1. Kan Jam
  2. Cornhole
  3. Bocce
  4. Horseshores