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Morning Skate: Hub to hub

The NHL is still looking for somewhere to play.

New York Islanders v Vancouver Canucks

FOLKS. It’s Friday. You’re almost at the weekend. Keep it moving.

In NHL news, it appears that the league has eliminated Vancouver as a possible “hub” for the supposedly-still-happening restart.

It kind of seems like the league is set on Las Vegas, but the other hubs remain a mystery.

Today’s highlight

Baseball appears to be coming back as well, and while I haven’t forgiven the Red Sox for trading Mookie Betts, the clip above is legitimately one of the funniest sports broadcast clips ever.

Today’s discussion topic

Why would YOUR hometown make a good or bad NHL hub?

For me, Dorchester only has one rink, and there’s not a hotel near it. There’s a park, but the park is under construction. There’s a bar right around the corner, but...that’s about it.

Not hub worthy.