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Top 10 Bruins prospects: Recapping the full list

Sure, you read them all. But it’s nice to have them all together!

New York Rangers v Boston Bruins Photo by Steve Babineau/NHLI via Getty Images

Yesterday, we wrapped up the Top 10 Bruins Prospects series with the forward at the top of the list, Jack Studnicka.

While I’m sure you disagree with some of the spots for some of the prospects, I hope the series at least gave you something hockey-related to read during these doldrums.

Below, find a recap of the whole series, starting with the honorable mentions. You can also view the whole series at the group hub.

2020 Top 10 Bruins Prospects

  1. Jack Studnicka, F - Read the post
  2. Trent Frederic, F - Read the post
  3. Urho Vaakanainen, F - Read the post
  4. Dan Vladar, G - Read the post
  5. Jeremy Swayman, G - Read the post
  6. Oskar Steen, F - Read the post
  7. Jakub Lauko, F - Read the post
  8. Jakub Zboril, D - Read the post
  9. Zach Senyshyn, D - Read the post
  10. Jack Ahcan, D - Read the post

Honorable Mentions: John Beecher - F, Victor Berglund - D, Samuel Asselin - F, Jake Schmaltz - F, Curtis Hall - F, Quinn Olson - F

Graduates: Anders Bjork - F, Jeremy Lauzon - D, Karson Kuhlman - F

As a reminder, we did this list as a sort of hybrid list: the rankings weren’t necessarily who is going to be the best overall player, but a mixture of who will be the most effective player and who is closest to being NHL ready.

It’s certainly not a perfect science, but it’s nice for discussion.

What are the takeaways?

Unfortunately, the main takeaway when compiling this list is that the Bruins’ prospect cupboard isn’t exactly well stocked.

While the defensive depth is solid, the depth up front is a little more suspect.

Aside from Studnicka, there aren’t many forwards on this list who will be pushing for top-6 duty any time soon.

One other takeaway is that the Bruins may actually be in decent shape in goal, as both Swayman and Vladar have potential to be NHL regulars. This list also doesn’t include Kyle Keyser, who has potential as well, but looks to be more of a project.

Anyways, that’s the list! Anyone up there you’re most excited to see develop? I don’t have to ask you to share who’s too high or too low, because you’ll do that anyways.