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Fresh Links: Demonstration

Time marches on, hopefully to a better place

Tiny Thompson In Action
Don’t blink, or you’ll miss it! (Cecil “Tiny” Thompson)
Photo by Bruce Bennett Studios via Getty Images Studios/Getty Images

Keep Calm and Bergeron.

  • Learn about “The World’s Fastest Game” from this 1937 Pathe film featuring the NHL Bruins demonstrating proper technique. (Video, 10:51) YouTube
  • What is a goalie’s “quiet eye” and why will Tuukka Rask need one? Boston Herald
  • Bruins youngsters on the cusp can seize a great opportunity in this odd postseason. Causeway Crowd
  • Willie O’Ree voiced his distress at history repeating itself yet AGAIN. Preeceville Progress
  • Don Fehr of the NHLPA praised players’ responses to calls for social justice, which included the prominent voices and actions of Patrice Bergeron and Zdeno Chara. YardBarker

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • In news of former Bruins: Marty Turco and Tyler Seguin both walked the walk by joining demonstrations in Dallas. BarDown Anson Carter’s and Blake Wheeler’s voices were among those raised, and now the NHL has created a four committee response. ESPN BURN! Mike Milbury brandishes a verbal shoe in response to Max Kellerman’s snipe that hockey is “... not one of the four major team sports.” @RealMikeMilbury
  • Hockey is back, kindasorta. Welcome to “Phase 2” in which NHL teams can return to practice. WEEI
  • User @STLRS asks the (im)pertinent question “Will this be classified as an “upper body” or “lower body” issue?” as a Penguins player has now tested positive for COVID-19. @Penguins
  • “31 Thoughts” and the 31 Thoughts podcast both highlighted Jarome Iginla’s statment. (Link to audio) Sportsnet
  • Players in Toronto region minor hockey leagues are quite accustomed to spewing racial abuse. CTVNews Alumnus Kevin Weekes announced that he will avoid speaking of the GTHL on air until they reveal their statistics on penalties called for racial slurs. TSN
  • Mark Fraser calls upon everyone to speak out against racism- “This is our fight.” Players Tribune