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Draft Profiles 2k20: Daniel Torgersson is a gigantic swede with some interesting offensive upside, if he can apply it.

Sometimes you have to worry about dudes from europe having the right frame. Torgersson isn’t one of them.


I can only conclude from just looking at Daniel Torgersson is that they grow big out there out in Hönö, Sweden.

Torgersson comes from the absolutely loaded Frolunda HC system, (which we’ll be revisiting) where he had a phenominal season at the SuperElit level, then got some time in the SHL, where he...played six games in a packed, loaded Frolunda HC head team.

He probably would’ve gone back to the SuperElit for the playoffs know what happened to that.

Torgersson’s play got him noticed not only for being effectively “done” in terms of NHL size that any GM would salivate at, but also for his explosive skating that catches defenders off guard due to the sheer amount of acceleration those long legs can get him, and a powerful snapshot that tends to catch goaltenders looking more often than not. Combine that with a high-hockey IQ and a willingness and skill to get back and protect the puck and fish it out from the dirty areas, he can be a real problem to play against simply for being so strong on the puck; especially on the power play, where he truly excelled at being the guy who puts a puck on net or gets a player to move then make an easy pass.

As for downsides, one thing that Torgersson has struggled with, what with being “in a physicality-allowed-but-not-really” league is actually using that gigantic frame for defending, and knocking players off the puck. He got more used to the idea in the SHL, but getting him to North American shores means he’s going to have to make it part of his repertoire.

Further, his biggest shortcoming is in his skating: Torgersson’s strides are good, his acceleration is good, and his speed is fine, but his agility isn’t perfect, and his lateral movement isn’t great. Because of that, he isn’t exactly a skater that defenders are going to lose by the work of his skating. Further, another shortcoming that needs a bit of work is his offensive game: he is not a player especially interested in creating his own space, which is entirely understandable being in a powerhouse organization; he’s more interested in finishing plays with that shot of his rather than make his own space and create plays for his teammates. And regarding that shot, his shot is strong, and accurate...but it’s unsubtle. Very little creativity exists in his game. He’s been getting his goals primarily from being a net-front presence on power plays and from powerful accurate shots that he blasts past goalies, but if a goalie reads his eyes and adjusts’s only gonna be a shot on goal rather than a goal. Drafting him will come with the expectation that he makes his way to the AHL or back to sweden with offense being his primary goal of improvement.

Torgersson’s projection is as a late 2nd, and early third rounder, with a belief that a guy who hasn’t figured out how to use that frame will be a bit of a reach near the bottom of the 2nd round. But, if the worst you have to do is skills training and skating drills, many a GM will look at a guy like Torgersson and see a player that, even if he doesn’t make his projection of being a top 9 forward, can learn to use those raw two-way skills in a depth role.

What do you think? Think he’s someone Don would take a chance on in the third round?


  • 13th by NHL Central Scouting among European Skaters
  • 37th by
  • 89th by FutureConsiderations
  • 114th by McKeen’s Hockey


Year Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points PIM
Year Team League Games Played Goals Assists Points PIM
2017-18 Frolunda HC U16 U16 Elit 16 18 11 29 4
Frolunda HC U16 U16 SM 8 7 4 11 4
Frolunda HC J18 J18 Allsvenskan 16 4 4 8 0
2018-19 Frolunda HC J18 J18 Elit 20 13 14 27 6
Frolunda HC J20 SuperElit 18 1 3 4 8
2019-20 Frolunda HC J20 SuperElit 39 26 18 44 24
Frolunda HC SHL 6 0 0 0 0

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