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Draft Profiles 2k20: Joel Blomqvist is a goalie you can depend on

Finland’s got another star prospect goalie. Let’s talk about him!

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It really cannot be overstated just how much Yaroslav Askarov outshines most of the goalies in this draft. I should probably talk about some of those top-rated guys at some point to give you a better indication as to why, but suffice to say that when he gets picked at some point in the first round, don’t expect another goalie to get picked again until the late 2nd or 3rd round. Which is not to say that any of these guys are’s just, y’know.

They’re not Askarov.

But if you can’t get Askarov, the kind of player available to you is definitely quite intriguing if you’re willing to put in the work to get the best out of him. And Joel Blomqvist has only a minute amount of fine tuning to do.

Blomqvist comes to us from the juggernaut Kärpät system, where he’s steadily climbed the ranks and shown that he can be depended on for both his team and the national team when he’s been called for it, and it’s paid dividends for his trophy closet; an all-star nomination, named the best goalie in his league in 2019, and a silver medal at the U17 Worlds in 2018.

Blomqvist’s trademark skill is his pure athleticism. He moves around the crease with fast reflexes and attacks the puck with the kind of agility you’d hope for in the modern era goaltender, and even if he’s not especially big, he sure plays like it, and aiding that is just a strong understanding of goaltending technique and play recognition that allows him to shut down plays the minute the puck hits him and gobble up rebound opportunities. And all of that has made him a nightmare to try and beat at the junior level.

As for rough spots...well...he’s still a young gun, and so his consistency is the biggest thing he needs ironed out. Most of the time he’s able to make a good stop, but sometimes a puck will sneak through him that looks jarring in comparison to the rest of his play. Sometimes his glove will snag a puck that had no right not being a goal, and other times he’ll just...lose a guy. He’s young, it happens, but it means that he’s gonna need a lot of ice time to iron out his skill, and that means a “more than three year” development plan.

Blomqvist is solidly set for the 2nd or 3rd round depending on how bullish you are on his talents. He’s got a lot of work to do, but what he’s done so far at this level of competition is very promising, and with the right amount of coaching, he could make an NHL team very happy.

...It’s all a matter of whether or not Don and the Bruins scouting staff wants to have a goalie like Blomqvist in their system.


Year Team League Games Played Goals-Against Save Percentage
Year Team League Games Played Goals-Against Save Percentage
2017-18 Sport U18 U18 SM-Sarja 35 4.5 0.882
2018-19 Kärpät U18 U18 SM-Sarja 19 3.26 0.912
Kärpät U20 U20 SM-Sarja 11 N/A 0.935
2019-20 Kärpät U20 U20 SM-Sarja 34 N/A 0.931
Kärpät Liiga 2 4.73 0.808

The draft profiles will return with more wingers and centers next week, and then we’re gonna try and do something a little different by looking at the top three players at their positions the week after that. Happy 4th, don’t go outside without a mask on!