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Morning Skate: A new month begins

July? July.

Minnesota Wild v Boston Bruins Photo by Elsa/Getty Images

Why is Stan the Man Chistov in the photo above? Doesn’t matter. It is July.

Allegedly, this will be the month where NHL training camps begin. I say “allegedly” because while Massachusetts reported a day without a COVID-19 death yesterday, much of the rest of the United States appears to be descending into chaos.

Reports trickled out yesterday that the NHL is reconsidering Las Vegas as a site, while still considering Chicago and multiple cities up north (I believe Edmonton and Toronto were mentioned).

So...yeah. Still very unsettled.

Today’s highlight

Apparently this was the last goal Stanislav Chistov scored in the NHL. Not a bad way to go out!

Today’s discussion topic

What’s been your favorite Bruins game of the season thus far?