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NHL and Bruins release July & August Schedule for Return to Play

At 7 PM on a Friday? Sure, I got nothing better to do but WAIT FOR HOCKEY TO COME BACK

Boston Bruins v Philadelphia Flyers Photo by Len Redkoles/NHLI via Getty Images

Hockey’s return to play has been ratified, so the schedule is set.

As released by the NHLPA and the league:

Your Bruins-centric dates are round robin games:

  • vs. Philadelphia on August 2nd
  • vs. Tampa Bay on August 5th
  • vs. Washington on August 8th

Boston’s last game before the pandemic hit was against Philly, a 2-0 win way back in March.

As for times, it’s probably gonna be some wacky stuff, as they have plans for six games with (thankfully) staggered starts to keep up on, as Chris Johnston suggested:

Datsa lotta hockey in one day.

As for times, we’ll probably see those come out a bit later.

Still! Hockey’s back, and we now when when it’s coming back!

Additional confirmed dates include:

  • Sunday, July 26: Bruins travel to their hub city, Toronto
  • Tuesday, July 28 through Thursday, July 30: Exhibition games will be held in Toronto.
  • Tuesday, August 11: The first round of the playoffs kicks off.
  • Tuesday, August 25: The second round of the playoffs kicks off.
  • Thursday, September 8: Conference Finals begin.
  • Tuesday, September 22: Stanley Cup Final begins.
  • Friday-Saturday, October 9-10: 2020 NHL Draft