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Morning Skate: Middle of the week, middle of the month

We’re halfway there, in more ways than one.

Boston Bruins Practice Staff Photo By Matt Stone/ MediaNews Group/Boston Herald

Well folks, it’s Wednesday. That means it’s the middle of the week. It’s also July 15th, which means it’s the middle of the month.

We’re halfway to the weekend, and halfway to August, which is when real hockey will (tentatively) resume.

Another decent day of camp for the Bruins yesterday, including the play fight pictured above between Torey Krug and Connor Clifton.

Is Torey Krug Taking His Contract Frustrations Out On His Teammates? MY COLUMN:

Today’s highlight

Savebyryder, today is your day.

Today’s discussion topic

If, for whatever reason, one of the young guys ends up being called upon in the playoffs, who do you think would be the first man up?