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Both David Pastrnak and Ondrej Kase were “unfit to participate” today

I am unfit to deal with the NHL’s vague terms.

NHL: JUL 15 Bruins Training Camp Photo by Fred Kfoury III/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Yesterday was a nice day at Bruins training camp! We got to see the return of David Pastrnak, and Ondrej Kase skated as well.

Those two were the last two missing pieces of the team. All was harmonious and well.


Neither Pastrnak nor Kase was present at training camp this morning. Per the NHL’s new policy, which seems like it was created solely to sow confusion and fuel speculation, both were deemed “unfit to participate.”

Before we go wild, it’s worth noting that being deemed unfit to participate doesn’t mean a player is sick, showing symptoms of COVID-19, tested positive, etc.

The NHL is having its teams use that phrase whenever a player is injured, so for now, at least, the days of “upper-body injury” or “southwestern quadrant core injury” are over.

This will, of course, only lead to rumors, speculation, and innuendo.

If, for example, Pastrnak tweaked a muscle in his first day back yesterday, people would likely shrug and move on. However, when he’s simply deemed UNFIT TO PARTICIPATE™, you know exactly what people are going to think.

Interestingly enough, Pastrnak was scheduled to do a Zoom conference with the media this morning. His name and a time were listed on a PR schedule yesterday, but that schedule was then amended this morning.


Anyways, hopefully it’s something minor for both guys.

In case you wanted more drama, Tuukka Rask disappeared in the middle of training camp too.

It is unclear why he was stung by a shot, while the other two players are unfit to participate, but...we should all probably just get used to it at this point.