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Fresh Links: Drama

The stories swirling around missing Bruins are becoming a distraction.

Boston Bruins Legend Milt Schmidt
Remember, kids- maintain your social distancing! Safety first! (Milt Schmidt)
Photo by Charles Dixon/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

Training camp continues at Warrior Arena.

  • No David Pastrnak? No Ondrej Kase? Boston, we have a problem. Providence Journal
  • It is hard to dodge social media, after all. And now we have drama the Bruins don’t need. Forbes
  • At least they were skating? (Video, 0:42) ABC6
  • Lend your ears to Kirk Ludeke, who chats with Court Lalonde. (Link to audio) Scouting Post
  • Or hear Lalonde on home Court with the Bruins Diehards, who tackle news from Training Camp. (Audio, 57:30) Williams Broadcasting
  • Ladies, gentlemen, fans- the vote is in! We present the Providence Bruins All Time Team! @AHLBruins And now a word from an old friend. @BobbyRobinsPro

Elsewhere around the rink:

  • At the time this post goes up (9AM Pacific) we will know what the Seattle team name will be! (Video, 0:59) NHL Let’s narrow it down- it’ll be one of these 13 finalists. Sportsnet
  • Western fans will be able to drive in and drink while watching the action in Edmonton. CBC
  • Hockey is BACK! Some league employees’ paychecks? Not so much... NY TImes
  • Aye and begorrah! May Edmonton find the pot o’ gold this postseason. @SportsnetSpec