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The league’s newest team is the Seattle Kraken!

Welcome, mythical octopus-like creature.

Twitter: @NHLSeattle_

It was long rumored, but now it’s confirmed: the league’s 32nd team will be called the Seattle Kraken!

I like it! If nothing else, it’s another answer to the classic “name a sports team that doesn’t end with the letter s” trivia question.

“Kraken” was one of the most frequently mentioned rumors, so it’s no real surprise that it came to pass.

A closer look at the logo:

Let’s grade!

Name: A+

It’s fun, it’s different, it’ll lead to a whole bunch of great in-game promotions. I’ve already seen the “Release the Kraken!” Power Play thrown around on Twitter...a marketer’s dream.

Colors: A+

Again, something different. Imagine, a pro hockey team that doesn’t use black, red, or royal blue?!?! Shocking! The colors do a great job conveying the sea vibe without beating you over the head with it.

Plus, coral on a hockey jersey? Hell yeah. EDIT: They’re calling it “Red Alert.” I see a lighter shade of red than the Capitals/Hurricanes red though, so...light red?

Logo: C+

Ehhhhh. It’s a little plain. I get what they’re going for, with the tentacle, the mad eye, and the “S” as a throwback to Seattle’s old hockey team.

Still, it looks a lot like a minor-league logo. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, of course; I just think they could have done a little more with it.

Editor's note: to talk about why the Space Needle/Anchor secondary is probably best in sports would take too long and would require a preamble about design but it is genuinely incredible

However, given the colors and the other Kraken-associated imagery, this team should have a whole bunch of awesome alternate jersey options in the coming years (light red/coral alternate? YES).

Overall, a pretty cool splash for a league that’s not exactly known for thinking outside the box.

Welcome to the league, Seattle Kraken!