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Breaking: NWHL halts gameplay until 2021

There will be no more NWHL action in 2020.

After The Ivy League announced the postponement of all athletics for the fall we have received multiple other leagues pushing back and trimming sports schedules for the fall semester. We expect to see more, and quite possibly no collegiate athletics at all in the fall.

Now the pro league are starting to see the writing on the wall as the NWHL has officially announced this morning that it will not start its sixth season until January of 2021. The league had already decided to postpone their typical October start to a November start but now the league has decided to try and fit it’s 20 game schedule into a 12 week period starting in January and hopefully completing the playoffs by the end of March.

At this time there will be no All Star Game in the middle of the season but there are plans for it to be played after the completion of the playoffs.

Teams will be offering on and off ice training to players that will be optional starting September 21. Teams will be following all local ordinances regarding safety for those practices. There has been no announcement about American players training with Toronto or foreign players who are not currently residing in the US entering the country, but that will likely be decided at a later time.

No concrete announcements regarding ticket sales and fan attendance has been made at this time but will be made available prior to the initiation of play.